Benn Manie playing guitar at a wedding


Your wedding music will be something you remember for a very long time. Whenever you hear the songs that were featured, it will remind you of the day you were married and all the memories will come flooding back. Bennsong is able to individually put together something special and memorable for the both of you.

Music for your ceremony

The music played at your ceremony helps create the atmosphere that you wish to portray, be it stylish classics, laid back, spiritual, contemporary or a mixture of styles. Our Bennsong Solo/Duo Song List is available for you to peruse [Download it here - 2 Page PDF - 46Kb], but this is only a sample - we have hundreds more great songs! We can arrange to play any song that you desire, just ask. If you hear something you like, make a note of it and we will do our best to find it for your ceremony.

Benn Manie playing guitar at a wedding

Setting the mood

What better way to set the atmosphere for your wedding ceremony than with stylish, acoustic live music of your choice performed by professional musicians? Bennsong is able to fit into a variety of scenarios - perfect for garden or beach weddings with a relaxed vibe or a little more formal for a Church or Chapel wedding.

Music at the reception

Music will absolutely make or break the mood and tone of your reception. You may be starting out with drinks/cocktails and canapes for your guests. It's a nice touch to have Bennsong play a blend of stylish acoustic covers, with some up-beat songs to keep up the vibe. Your guests will appreciate the relaxed atmosphere Bennsong create.

Benn Manie playing guitar at a wedding

An important consideration when your guests sit down to dinner is to have music that compliments this time at your reception. Loud, over-bearing pumpy music just doesn't fit the bill here, and Bennsong will ensure that your guests enjoy their dinner and can easily converse with each other - often the guests at your wedding haven't seen each other for a while and it really is a feature that everyone can catch up at this point.

During dinner, light, laid back music should be playing in the background and then, when it's time to dance, the music can come to the foreground so the guests can really let their hair down and party! Keep in mind that the presence of live musicians does count for so much during cocktails and dinner - a DJ just can't create the same feel as live music - although they may be best for pumping out dance tunes!

Wedding Music - one of the most important choices you will make to create the perfect day!

This is why we have put together some brilliant wedding packages for your reception featuring Bennsong, solo or duo, and DJ. There are so many options. Call or email today for package prices.

Benn Manie playing guitar at a wedding

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